Partnership Benefits

tcSponsorship is the lifeblood of any First Friday's chapter and it is viewed as a mutually beneficial partnership between corporations and First Friday's constituents. For companies seeking to market their products and services to an audience of brand conscious, brand loyal, cultural trendsetters with rapidly increasing buying power and a growing disposable income, First Friday's offers the ideal partnership.
Additional benefits include:
Access to savvy, educated minority professionals and entrepreneurs.
Opportunity to support a minority owned small businesses.
Opportunity to demonstrate your company's commitment to diversity while increasing pool of qualified candidates.
 Or call the FF info line @ 612-360-5284
Ethnic buying power
A study conducted by New California Media reported that ethnic groups prefer to get their news and information from ethnic media outlets. Meaning they prefer to hear about products through channels like First Fridays multimedia platforms, event marketing and print advertisements. 
Minnesota ranked #1 among top ten states with the fastest growth rate of black buying power.